A Wedding Day in the Life of Multihead Wedding Video Productions


Just what exactly goes into a wedding video?



You'll get to see the ceremony location as it was before you arrived and all the decorations out in place. It sets the mood of the video beautifully.


Your ceremony wil be filmed with little interruption in the editing. The officiant will be mic'd so that every word will be picked up during the important exchange of vows. 


The videographer captures moments a photographer cannot. That's why we tag along with the photographer during your photshoot. It's as big a part of your day as anything else, so why not preseve it?


The entrance, the cake cutting, the speeches, the first dance...  all of that remains intact in your wedding video. Every heartfelt sentiment and every goofy entrance will be preserved with little to no editing. 


Probably the most fun part of the video, the part your friends will either be looking forward to the most. Just remember, if there's anything you don't want, it can easily be removed.


Available separately, this handy video will be a fast, convenient and easy way to show your friends and family the highlights of your day without having to fast-forward or skip around. 

"Michael and I thought you did a terrific job at our wedding! We very much enjoyed watching our wedding video. You did a great job capturing all the action at the reception and I especially loved the interview that you did with our two mothers. You did a wonderful job interviewing them and asking them questions that brought out their life stories - well done! We appreciate your fine work and talents in providing to us this lasting memory. I would recommend your work to any one I know who wants a top notch videographer!​"

- Gloria & Michael.

August, 2011